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President/General Manager: Andy Vera                       

WPSL Head Coach: TBD                                                                       WPSL Asst. Coach: TBD 

WPSL U21 Coach: TBD                                                                          WPSL U21 Asst. Coach: TBD                                                            

Fundraising Coordinator: TBD                                                             Marketing/Public Relations Coordinator: TBD

Game Day Coordinator: TBD                                                                Game Videographer: TBD

Game Analyst: TBD



The Old Dominion Football Club Inc. (ODFC) and CESENA USA has consolidated the experience developed by its own technical staff and the experience acquired from Cesena FC technicians to create a unique learning environment for our players and coaches. This "high-level" educational and showcase program of CESENA USA has evolved and is now a consolidation of efforts and strong working relationship between many world renown professional organizations.

Cesena USA is fully committed to:

  • Bringing an advanced player and coach education system to our area members
  • Showcasing high-level players to some of the most well-known professional leagues around the world

All our international partners and Cesena USA have identical developmental philosophies which clearly puts an emphasis on structured and methodical soccer education. Our organizations have highly trained and accredited staff most holding coaching credentials from the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) and European Football Association (UEFA) and licenses form organizations within the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL).

Cesena USA working closely with its' international partner, Women's Football Management (WFM), works within the WPSL and youth academy structure to identify quality players on a yearly basis, to possibly fill the ranks of teams in many of the professional leagues around the world.

Cesena USA provides:

  • Introduction to all our players and coaches utilizing a proven structured learning methodology
  • Technical training and support from our internationally based staff as they share years of developmental education experience with                     our coaches and players
  • Professional staff/International Educational Resources
  • Premier training facilities
  • Continued review/evaluation from both our international staff
  • International exposure for our Cesena USA players