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Cesena FC USA - Team Information

Game/Training Location: Champe High School Stadium  41535 Sacred Mountain St, Aldie, VA 20105 ·

Cost to Play: There are NO monthly fees or "hiding fees" to play for Cesena FC USA UPSL. Players are charged $30/season to cover club supplemental insurance and club member dues.

Uniform: Selected players are required to purchase a team uniform which includes home/away kits, training shirts and shorts and ¼ zip training top for $111. NOTE: Club MAY decide to buy back undamaged kit if player(s) decide to leave or are no longer part of the team.

Season Length: Training for this high-level team is year-round and tryouts are held two times/year (Winter/Summer) or as required by coaching staff. Team plays 10-12 games per season.

Minimum Commitment Requirements: Players are asked to be present at all team training sessions (2-3/week) and team meetings.

Roster Size: 1st team will carry up to 30 players

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